The Green Book

A page to find reputable black owned businesses and organizations.

This page is dedicated to promoting reputable Black Owned Businesses and Organizations that uplift their community. All of the businesses on this page I have personally supported. So make sure to keep your eyes pealed for the Catrice Reviews at the bottom of each description.

Ruffin Neurolab

Ruffin Neurolab is a STEM program created by Dr. Ruffin to educate the youth on Neuroscience. The research in the Ruffin NeuroLab focuses on understanding how neurons and neuroglia regulate a stable intracellular acid concentration (pHi) which is necessary for optimal function. Understanding how cells regulate pHi is essential to understanding cell function and important in both normal physiology and pathophysiologic diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, and Stroke. Click the learn more & donate button below to support Ruffin Neurolab!

Catrice Review: Dr. Ruffin is an amazing person to work with and is always looking for ways to expand his STEM program! 😊

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Queen Image Boutique

This is created by Kendal McAuley to empower all women to hold themselves to the image and standards of a Queen. This brand expresses the divine femininity, freedom, and creativity that lives naturally within the essence of womanhood. Click the shop now button below to support her store!

Catrice Review: I love all the jewelry in this store I can literally wear it dressed up or rocking the casual look. She also has some of her jewelry directly imported from Ghana! 😊

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Descendent is a champion of black culture, at home and abroad. Through songwriting and film-making, the Bronx-based MC seeks to illuminate and celebrate the cultural strength of the Pan-African diaspora, specifically of African American art. Starting from his hometown of Newport News, Virginia, he dives into the roots of African American storytelling: music and oral history. With his style of music he wanted to create merch to bring the same uplifting energy as his music to the black community. Click the shop now button below to support his store!

Catrice Review: I love the t-shirts they have a nice thick quality to it! 😊

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Founded by Mahisha Dellinger, a former Marketing Manager at a Fortune 500 Company. Disenchanted with the lack of natural hair products with quality ingredients and dependability, Mahisha sought to create a new brand that resonates with women like her. Dellinger collaborated with leading cosmetic and wellness experts to develop CURLS. Dellinger desire was to create a remarkable, high quality, natural hair care line for an overlooked audience. Click the shop now button below to support her store!

Catrice Review: The blueberry bliss collection is my favorite 😊

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Taliah Waajid

Taliah Waajid a natural hair care Master Stylist, Master Cosmetologist, and a Master Natural Hair Care Educator.  Waajid created the first complete line of natural, chemical-free hair care products because there were no products available on the market to care for her client’s natural, chemical-free hair. Taliah wanted to provide quality products that would make it easier for her clients to manage their hair in between visits to her salon.  Her first product collection, Black Earth Products, was sold exclusively in her salon until the demand grew and Taliah sold the collection into beauty supply stores and then to retailers. Click the shop now button below to support her store!

Catrice Review: The green apple aloe collection, specifically the gel is my favorite to use when retwisting my locs 😊

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Charles Kitchen Caribbean Cuisine

Chef Claudius Charles is the founder and owner of the newly established Charles' Kitchen. Known for his passion and love for cooking, he decided to walk in faith to live his dream of opening a restaurant to share his passion for delicious food with the public. He  enjoys serving others and wants to bring Eastern Caribbean family style cuisine to the Richmond West End. His dishes are inspired by regions from the West Indies with fresh ingredients, authentic spices and large portions to satisfy you and your family. Click the learn more button below to support his restaurant!

Catrice Review: The food here is absolutely amazing. Fresh, healthy, and flavorful! 😊

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Charmaine James is the founder of Locsanity. James launched Locsanity in 2017. She wanted to find products that were safe to use on herself and her children. Dissatisfied with the options that she found in the marketplace, she decided to create the exact loc care products she wanted to use. Locsanity is now a thriving online hair and loc care haven serving customers across the globe. They are thrilled to be a part of the natural hair care industry and are thankful for every customer who has put their trust in them. Click the shop now button below to support her store!

Catrice Review: I absolutely love their rosewater collection. It makes my locs feel fresh and grow fast! 😊

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